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How to Prevent Skype from Running Automatically

There are most likely numerous Windows 10 clients like you, who are similarly confused to discover the Skype App beginning naturally on their Computers and running ceaselessly out of sight. Give us a chance to investigate how to keep or prevent Skype from beginning Automatically in Windows 10.

Skype, Skype Preview and Skype For Business 

There are 3 unique variants of Skype that we have gone over on Windows 10 Computers and all these Skype renditions have a similar default propensity for beginning consequently with the Computer and continue running out of sight.

The primary rendition of Skype is the customary "" which you more likely than not downloaded onto your Computer, so as to appreciate Skype Voice and Video Calling from your Windows 10 Computer.

The second form of Skype, known as "Skype Preview" is incorporated as a piece of Windows 10 and this lighter rendition of Skype is available on all Windows PCs that have gotten the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

The third form of Skype is known as "Skype For Business" and this full form of Skype is likewise included as a piece of Windows 10 working framework.

Prevent Skype From Starting Automatically in Windows 10 

First given us a chance to take the instance of the full form of Skype Desktop application. When you download and introduce the full form of Skype on your PC, you will discover it booting up naturally with your PC, it will even sign you into your Skype account and stay running out of sight on your Windows 10 Computer.

Pursue the means underneath to prevent Skype Desktop application from beginning naturally on your Computer.

1. Open the Skype Desktop application on your Computer. You can do this by tapping on the Skype Shortcut on your Desktop or by tapping on Skype from the rundown of applications.

2. Sign-in to your Skype Account (on the off chance that you are not effectively marked in).

3. Next, click on Tools in the best Menu bar and after that click on Options… tab in the drop-down menu (See picture beneath)

4. On the choices screen, uncheck the choice for Start Skype when I begin Windows and snap on Save.

After this you won't discover the Skype application beginning Automatically on your Windows 10 Computer, it will possibly begin when you click on the Skype alternate route and dispatch the App on your Computer.

Prevent Skype Preview From Starting Automatically in Windows 10

When you click on the Skype Preview application (to clear something up!), the application prompts you to sign-in utilizing a Microsoft Account (your email).

In any case, when you sign-in to the Skype Preview application, you will stay marked in even in the wake of rebooting the gadget. This for all intents and purposes implies that the Skype Preview application will begin naturally on your PC (when you wrongly sign in to this application!).

Pursue the means beneath to prevent Skype Preview application from beginning Automatically and running out of sight on your Windows 10 Computer.

1. Snap on the Windows 10 Start catch and afterward click on Skype Preview App.

2. On the following screen (Skype Preview), click on your Profile picture/symbol situated at the base left corner of your screen.

3. Next, look down to the base of the screen and snap on the Sign Out choice.

This will sign you out of the Skype Preview App and you won't discover Skype Preview beginning consequently on your Windows 10 Computer.

Prevent Skype For Business From Starting Automatically in Windows 10 

On the off chance that you have been utilizing Skype for Business on your PC, you can make utilization of the accompanying strides to stop this adaptation of Skype from beginning naturally on your Windows 10 Computer.

1. Snap on the Windows 10 Start catch and after that click on Skype For Business App

2. Sign-in to your Skype For Business Account (on the off chance that you are not effectively marked in).

3. Next, click on the little Down-bolt catch, situated beside the wheel symbol. Starting from the drop, first snap Tools and after that click on Options (See picture underneath)

4. On the choices screen, first snap on the Personal tab in the side-menu and after that uncheck the choice for "Consequently Start the App When I sign on to Windows"

5. At last, click on OK to spare your settings for Skype Business App.


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